Cultural Connections - Pico Island

Explore Azorean Island of Pico & Connect to Its Landscape & People

Best Cultural Destination's "Cultural Connections" video series shares imagery, impressions & interviews that offer a glimpse of a particular cultural landscape. Pico is part of the Azorean archipelago of ancient volcanic islands, located in the Atlantic ocean, roughly halfway between Europe and North America. On Pico, you feel the rich, fertile, potent power of the black earth. But the awe-inspiring forces that made all that black lava rock are unpredictable, and so on Pico, most people seek a connection with a comforting, protective divinity...and with each other. That connection is evidenced in the Bom Jesus festival, held in the village of Sao Mateaus each August 6, and at the Santo Amaro Craft School, founded by twin sisters Alzira and Conceição Neves in 1986.