Best Cultural Destinations
Best Cultural Destinations
People are Culture. Connecting is the Destination.



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What's the best window into a culture? Its people. We believe that stories are the best way to inspire authentic cultural travel: Best Cultural Destinations is the only online magazine that offers in-depth stories of people from around the world & all walks of life, who each offer powerful insights about their culture and its history--as well as their own transformational life lessons and spiritual practices, world-changing ideas, dramatic adventures, and hard-won wisdom.

BCD offers more than 200 stories about the cultures of destinations around the world--told by local people in their own voices. Travel the world from the comfort of your armchair. Get new ideas on dimensions of culture to delve into on your next trip. Start your cultural immersion now with inspiring stories, interviews, feature articles, thoughtful essays and powerful videos. Learn about destinations through the eyes of locals. Explore our unique differences & shared human condition.

People. Stories. Connecting.

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People are Culture. Connecting is the Destination.
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What is Culture? Universal...and Personal!

Culture is How We Connect

Power of Place: Tuscany's San Gimignano

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These collections feature amazing stories of people behind some of the world's most awe-inspiring archaeology, dance & song traditions, festivals, folk art, legends & textiles.
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World Visionaries


Expand your mind and world view from the comfort of your armchair!

With this Q & A series, tap into the vision of some of the world's most innovative and inspirational leaders in the realms of art, culture, education, and sustainability. Meet pioneering activists & global change agents who each relate their inspiration, process, techniques, and heritage. Get straight talk on initiatives that are making the planet a better place from U.N. heads, museum curators, social entrepreneurs and a host of others.



Best Cultural Destinations: Who We Are.

On BCD you won’t find the “top 10 things to do in Paris”, reviews of hotels, or sponsored posts. Instead you’ll be able to travel the world (without even leaving your living room) and be transported through life-changing stories of humanity and connection, or take your wanderlust to the next level by learning about the depths and secrets behind different cultures across the globe.

If you want other travelers' opinions, go to TripAdvisor. If you want the take of cool people on their own culture, who also share some pretty amazing life lessons, then dive in: welcome to Best Cultural Destinations!

Best Cultural Destinations is for those looking for experiential travel: for people who read, think, and have a desire to connect in a meaningful way with local cultures around the world.


Best Cultural Destinations: Getting Started

Best Cultural Destinations believes that the whole point of our existence is to connect. Through stories of cultural travel,  we channel the lives of the incredible people we meet around the world and share their culture and "Aha moments".

Experience the life lessons of a Mayan shaman, a Scottish clan chief, a Slovenian chef, a Maltese archaeologist, Cambodian musician and many, many other fascinating people.

Meet folks from around the world whose lives may be radically different than yours...but in whom you are very likely to see something of yourself as we learn more about our shared human condition.

Wouldn’t you say that our world needs more connection?

Not sure where to start? How about our World Visionaries Collection?

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Best Cultural Destinations' Back Story

I'm Meg Pier, founder & editor of BCD. I believe people are culture, and that connection is the destination. And how are we transported on this journey? With stories, the same way humanity has made sense of life and connected with each other since Neolithic man created cave art. Storytelling is in our DNA. For a decade, I have been asking people around the world to tell me their stories. As I listen, I connect--with them, their culture, myself, and the Universe.

It's a privilege to present to you the compelling and heart-warming life experiences and cultural traditions of the hundreds of people featured on these pages. BCD is devoted to sharing rich, expansive narratives that have real meaning. We all matter, we each have an incredible story, and everyone has something to teach us. Have fun exploring BCD and enjoy whatever lesson serendipity presents! I promise that your day--and your life--will be enriched!

We all have a story about what drives us. Here's mine. Maybe you'll relate!