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Meg's wee sandpit

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Read this


It's weird, isn't it - the way that these teardrop shapes with lines across keep appearing on the left after you notice and click the 'edit post' button.. Click the teardrops and they give you the option to add various kinds of boxes. Of course, if you are editing text, you don't necessarily need to add a new text box if you just want to make a few changes. You might as well make the minor changes within the text box that's there already. 


Anyway, here's a picture

- maybe you'd like to add a caption? Click on the picture and you should be able to do it. Note how the editing bar comes up, in case you need the clipboard because you've written the caption already, on your own word processing program.

Maybe you don't like the position of the picture. Click and hold the picture and it slides around. When you see a 'teardrop line' appear, you can put the piture there. Sometimes the line will be full width, sometimes half width or upright. Sometimes the ghost outline of the pic will appear.

Experimetn on this page. You can't break anything.

Here's some more text below for you to play with..........




You can make minor changes right in the text box, eg correct any spelling, add subheads etc. That’s the pic with the red squiggles.


To add a new para you have written elsewhere, remember to use the clipboard as illustrated immediately above.To bold or italicise, make headings etc you just highlight just as you would do in Word.


And one more thing, don’t forget to save your changes. Until you hit that save button your changes will not be made.


Which means that if you get into any kind of difficulty just cancel and walk nonchalantly away.