Best Cultural Destinations
Best Cultural Destinations
People are Culture. Connecting is the Destination.

Cultural Connections Podcast Series

Cultural Connections podcast series is based on a belief in the importance of listening and being heard, and the idea that we benefit from seeking out and honoring each other's unique perspective. Sharing our ideas and experiences is what makes life interesting, enriching --and fun!  

Everyone has a story. I would go one step further and say that everyone has a fascinating story, and often hard-won wisdom to pass on. Sharing our stories has been a part of the human experience since Time immemorial. Neolithic man created cave art, Medieval troubadours sang of universal themes and today story-tellers of all ages seek to share and be heard on social media. We are hard-wired to discern the patterns in our life and connect with others through passing on the fruits of our introspection. 

Making the time to listen to the stories of others is an act and on going practice that cultivates certain attitudes, beliefs and skills: openness, curiosity, humility, detachment, awe, identification, connection...and love. It means getting still, getting out of yourself, and getting a window into someone else's world. 

Cultural Connections podcast series presents the ideas and stories of a cross-section of people around the world, and have likely led a different existence than you. Let them share their point of view, tell you what their life has been like, and expand your horizons! 

About the Host

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Meg Pier, founder & editor of Best Cultural Destinations, is a proponent of experiential travel who produces & presents stories of people around the world preserving and bringing the world's cultures to life. Meg is a pioneer of a brand of travel journalism in which the subject of each story is the narrator. She has been engaged in telling people's stories for more than 30 years, and believes "People Are Culture”. She sees herself as "channeling" the stories of people who have been generous in sharing their experiences with her, and considers being a conduit for cultural identity as a sacred responsibility.

When not immersing herself in the world's cultures, she helps destinations and organizations position, enhance and brand their cultures. An award-winning professional with a progressive 25+ year career blending expertise in writing, editing, interviewing, public relations and brand building.

Meg has been the recipient of PR Week's First Place Award for Small Corporate Communications Team of the Year and named one of five finalists for PR Professional of the Year; New England Publicity Club's First Place Bell Ringer Award for public affairs campaign and two organizational identity campaign awards; Bulldog Bronze Award for product/company positioning.