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People are Culture. Connecting is the Destination.
People are Culture. Connecting is the Destination.
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Best Cultural Experiences
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Planning a trip to Spain and interested in making one of its cultural traditions the focus of your visit? Flamenco is universally recognized as being practically synonymous with Spain's indigenous and artistic heritage--it was inscribed on UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage Representative List in 2010. That said, this form of creative expression is vastly more complex, historically diverse, and fascinating than you could ever imagine from attending just one performance. Let BCD help you do a deep dive into this dimension of Spain's culture!


In Madrid, watch intense rehearsals by aspiring stars at the renowned Amor de Dios Studio. In Seville, believed to be flamenco's birthplace, explore the eclectic early influences on the city and the art form that span Jewish psalmodic melodies, Byzantine and Muslim chants, and ancient Hindu chords. Experience the phenomenon of sello proprio with an afternoon browsing flamenco fashion, and be mesmerized by witnessing duende at the iconic Tablao El Arenal. Savor an intimate after-hours performance at the Museum of Flamenco Dance.

To really get a sense of the history of any country, its necessary to not only become acquainted with its glamorous cultural manifestations, but to also make an effort to understand aspects of its past that have been dramatic but dark. In Asturias, a rugged mountainous region in Spain's northwest, La Ponte-Ecomuseum offers insights into the impact of Spain's Civil War and the realm its director calls "marginalized heritage." Best Cultural Destinations as defined by this site are those that teach us, and help us grow in understanding, compassion, and capacity for connection, and La Ponte-Ecomuseum certainly qualifies . 

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